We bet you’re excited about hosting your own Lunch for Language and have a heap of questions. We’ve tried to answer them for you here.


What is Lunch for Language?

Lunch for Language is an opportunity for friends, family, schools and workplaces to get together over lunch, enjoy some food and good company while raising awareness and money for Speech & Language Development Australia to help children with Language Disorder reach their full potential.

When is Lunch for Language?

Lunch for Language is held throughout the month of September.

Where do the funds raised from Lunch for Language go?

This year we are aiming to raise more than $10,000  towards  equipment for The Glenleighden School.  Our targets include:

$500      –  Will fund sandpit equipment

$2000    –  Will fund LEGO MINDSTORMS

$5,000   –  Will fund an outdoor sunshade

$10,000 –  Will fund a sensory playground

How can I support Lunch for Language?

You can show support by:

How much is Lunch 4 Language hoping to raise?

We’re hoping to raise over $10,000 in 2017.


How do I register to host a lunch?

Simply Register and then follow the prompts, or call our team on 1300 881 763.

When you register online you will create a username and password that provides access to your own personal fundraising page. It’s a great way of keeping track of your donations, inviting people to donate and tracking your progress.

How do I organise a lunch?

Pick a date, time and venue for your lunch and invite your guests. You can invite guests by sending an email from your personal fundraising page if you like, including a link to your personal online fundraising page where your guests can make online donations. Alternatively you can just invite them the old-fashioned way and collect donations at the event, for example by charging a fee on the door, hosting a raffle or just collecting donations. Remember we have created a host guide, editable invitations, posters and decorations for you available here downloads.

What resources can you provide to help me?

We have prepared a number of helpful and fun resources to help you with your event. You can find them on this website under downloads.


How do I collect donations from my guests?

There are a few easy ways you can collect donations from your guests:

  • When you register, you’re given access to your personal online fundraising page. You can send your guests a link to this page and ask them to make an online donation either before or after your lunch. It’s really easy to do, especially as donations can be made from a mobile phone, tablet or computer.
  • Create a donation tin. Ask for cash or cheque donations or charge an entry fee to your lunch.
  • Raffles and Auctions – ask your guests to donate items or services.
  • Dollar Matching – ask your employer to match the funds you raise.
Should I ask for donations before or at my morning tea?

We recommend asking for donations prior to holding your lunch, as well as on the day. However you decide to approach your fundraising, make sure that it is easy for people to donate.

Is online fundraising secure?

Yes – we have partnered with EverydayHero a company specialising in the development of online fundraising websites for non-profit and community organisations. EverydayHero have successfully developed and utilised this technology for organisations around the globe.

Every payment made on our online fundraising system is fully secured, using high-level encryption technology – the same standard most Australian banks use for their internet banking.

How do I pay in the funds I raise for Lunch for Language?

It’s easy to pay in your funds. There are a few options:

  • If you’re using your online fundraising hub, you can use it to bank the money you’ve raised. See our using your fundraising page section on how to do this.
  • Please call (07) 3378 8444 if you have further questions about banking your funds or visit the bank your fundraising money section of this website.
When is the deadline for paying in my funds?

Online donations are automatically paid to the CHI.L.D. Association. If you have cheque or cash donations after your lunch, include these in your fundraising tally or on your personal online fundraising page and pay them in via credit card online. If you have finished fundraising, it is important to bank the money that you have raised as soon as possible.

Does the CHI.L.D. Association provide tax receipts for donations?

Donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible.


As a host, you can provide your guests with automatic tax receipts for cash donations via your online fundraising hub. Login, click on the “My Fundraising” button and select the “Bank your funds” tab. You will need to know your guest’s full name, email address, postal address and donation amount in order to generate a tax deductible receipt. They will receive their receipt via email, once you pay in their funds on their behalf via PayPal or Credit Card.

If your donor doesn’t have an email address, you can have the receipt sent to your own email address, then print it out and pass the receipt to them.


If you’d rather not do it online, complete the Receipt Request form. Send this form to the CHI.L.D. Association with your funds, and we will issue tax receipts to each of your listed donors’ email addresses.

As an individual attending a morning tea, if you’d like a receipt for your cash donation, just ask your host for a Receipt Request Form to fill out.

I've lost my tax receipt

Don’t worry if you lose a tax receipt – we’re happy to provide you with another. Please provide us with the details of who you donated to, your full name, address, email address and donation amount. You can do this via fundraising@childassoc.org.au or by calling our team on (07) 3378 8444.

Can someone donate from outside of Australia?

Definitely! Language Disorder affects people globally so lets go big! Friends and family overseas can easily donate to your personal event page. Just make sure they select their country FIRST when they’re entering their address details so that our system will accept a non-Australian address. Your online donors will still receive a receipt via email but they’ll need to check with their financial advisor about whether their donation is tax-deductible if they live outside Australia.

Is there a minimum donation amount?

No, there is no minimum donation, however please note that only donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

How do I know if my donation was successful?

If you have provided a valid email address when making an online donation, you will receive a confirmation and tax receipt via email shortly after you complete your donation. Please contact us on 1300 881 763 if you experience any issues.