Hold a Lunch for Language to support the 1 in 14 children with Language Disorder. Let’s work together to help children and young people with Language Disorder find their voice.


Hold your Lunch for Language anytime before the end of 2017.


1. Register by clicking here or call (07) 3378 8444.

2. Set the date, location and lunch style for your Lunch for Language. Perhaps a BBQ lunch, a lite lunch, a themed lunch or a lovely long lunch? The options are endless.

3. Invite your guests.

4. Host your lunch, spread the word about Language Disorder and collect donations.

5. Return the funds raised to the CHI.L.D. Association.


1 in 14 children have Language Disorder which affects how they think about, understand and use language. Children with Language Disorder can find it hard to make friends and statistically are at higher risk of incarceration. Funds raised through Lunch for Language will go towards educating and supporting children with Language Disorder and their families.

Minna, mum to Willow who has Language Disorder

“Everyone who knows Willow knows how much she loves to talk (constantly !!!!) But often people struggle to understand her which she finds VERY frustrating and it takes her much longer to process the information given whether that is spoken or written . It also means other children her age give up quickly to play and communicate with her as they find it ‘too hard’ which is heart breaking.

By raising awareness Willow and I are hoping to educate the wider community to have patience and let children like Willow be heard. ..because like Willow, children with a language disorder have lots to say and you might just learn a thing or two from these fabulous quirky and very cute kids!!”